23 December 2010
今天又收到android market的更新來信,


* The purchase refund period is now 15 minutes, and the maximum size for .apk files is now 50MB.
以後charge back的時間從一天縮短為15分鐘,且上傳的.apk最大容量提升到50MB

* The details page for every app now displays the app’s “Promotional Graphic” assets at the top.
然後如果您的APP有宣傳影片,則會在detail page上播放

* Market is now capable of filtering based on screen sizes and densities. NOTE: Filtering based on GL texture compression formats is not active at this time, but will be available in early January 2011.

* Applications are now automatically added to new Live Wallpapers and Widgets categories, as appropriate.

* The maximum size of the description field for an application is raised to 4000 characters.

* A minimum of two screen shots is now required for all applications. You can supply up to eight screenshots for each application.
每個app至少需要兩個screen shot,最高可以到八個!!

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